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Aloha Las Vegas


Kumu Kahua Theatre
46 Merchant St 96813 Honolulu United States
Coming this Summer-July 14 through July 31 2016

Kumu Kahua Theatre is proud to announce the revival of Ed Sakamotoʻs endearing local classic, "Aloha Las Vegas".

Wally Fukuda lives in the Liliha district of Honolulu. He’s a recently retired baker still recovering from his wife’s death. His friend Harry, visiting from Las Vegas, tries to persuade him to sell his house, make the move, and enjoy a new life. In spite of his love for Hawaii’s fresh air and beaches, Wally warms to the idea. But when he seeks approval from his married son and unmarried daughter, one is opposed to the whole idea. The ensuing debate over the relative merits (and demerits) of each location, embodied in the dynamics of a quick-changing contemporary local family, makes for great comedy--spiced with a strong dose of thought-provoking realism.

With Dann Seki, Allan Y. Okubo, Janice Terukina Morimoto, Jim Aina, Eric Mita, Monica Coldwell and Nara Springer Cardenas

Call 536-4441 for tickets and information or go to www.kumukahua.org

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